Bonfire Rye
Bonfire Rye

Bonfire Rye

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Rye whiskey has a long history in America. The prevalent spiritin the northeastern states during the late-18th and 19th centuries, ithas been undergoing a revival in recent years as part of the craft cocktail movement. Our honey-infused rye launched back in 2014, but Bonfire Rye is the first whiskey produced entirely in our Long Eddy, NY, facility in 2018. It’s made with a rye-forward blend of New York State grains that also includes the subtle sweetness of malted barley and organic corn. This smooth sipping whiskeyhas a rich, spicy flavor swirled through with strong notes of smoke due to the natural char that’s part of the heat-distillation process. We recommend you serve it in a clear glass to feast your eyes on the gorgeous amber color and make every sip count.

Made in small batches. Limited quantity available at our tasting room.